ApeTour 2023

Bringing NFT Communities Together Across Europe

ApeTour 2023 was an exciting journey that brought together NFT communities and crypto enthusiasts from around Europe, the tour was a fun adventure filled with great moments and inspiring stories. we created a Bridge between non-crypto users and not outsiders.From big cities to peaceful countryside, Ape Tour 2023 explored Europe's culture while showing off the cool stuff NFT communities are doing. At each stop, people shared their stories and made new friends.

One fun thing we did at every stop was serving free espressos and cappuccinos with logos printed on them. It was a nice touch as we talked and connected with each other. Plus, we had a Tesla covered in cool dopeapes designs! and supporter companies.During the tour, we shared everything on Twitter and Discord, and it was awesome to see so many new faces joining in.

As Ape Tour 2023 came to a close, participants returned home with hearts full of memories and a renewed sense of connection to the global NFT community. The bonds we formed and the stories we shared will continue to inspire us long after the tour ends.And guess what? We're excited to announce that due to popular demand, we're gearing up for another adventure! Get ready for Ape Tour 2024, where we'll embark on another journey of discovery, sports connection, and fun. Stay tuned for more details, and let's make Ape Tour 2024 an experience to remember!